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Titan Preparedness, LLC believes in helping organizations prepare so that they can continue to be a viable resource in their community. We do this by providing emergency preparedness planning, training, and disaster exercises.

Titan Preparedness is a veteran owned emergency and disaster preparedness company that provides planning, training, and exercise design for organizations looking to meet regulatory compliance, satisfy grant funding, and maintain a positive public image.  

JunkensJason Executive Academy Graduatio
Jason A. Junkens
Emergency Management Professional

Jason Junkens is a Emergency Management Professional with Titan Preparedness, LLC.  Mr. Junkens has a Masters in Homeland Security with Honors, is a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) through the International Association of Emergency Managers,  a FEMA Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP), and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).  He also holds the distinction of graduating from all three academies in FEMA's Emergency Management Professional Program. 


Mr. Junkens served as an officer with the United States Army gaining experience in planning and operations prior to his retirement.  He has several years experience as an Emergency Manager at Institutions of Higher Education.  He launched a comprehensive Emergency Management program that included plans, training, and exercises, has authored multiple emergency preparedness plans, and instituted a progressive training and exercise program that elevated employee training from the low-teens to an 80% completion rate.  Additionally, he instructs courses in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  

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